Friday, 4 December 2009

Research Coverage Sample

Shocking girlfriend scam warning
- WebUser

2,800 reasons to be careful -
Logins published online - WebUser
Stolen logins go public - TechEye
Collection of stolen logins found - Softpedia
Phishers exploit tax blunder - Softpedia
HMRC phishing mails - SC Magazine
Scammers use tax rebate as phish lure - The Register
HMRC tax problems target for hackers -
Scammers target games testers - Net Security
Internet security threats - SC Magazine
Paid-for Skype Scam Warning - WebUser

Survey scam spam - The Register
XBox billing site snubs Firefox - The Register
Imageshack spam leads to ZBot - Softpedia
Watch out for Toy Story scams -

Toy Story scams create malign Buzz - The Register
Toy Story scam warning - WebUser
Beware Toy Story 3 scams - Softpedia
Twitter Hack Mayhem - The Register

Security secrets - PC World
Youtube XSS vulnerability - SC Magazine
Bieber videos hacked - WebUser
Youtube vuln pwns Bieber fans - The Register
Nasty Twitter spam - The Guardian
Beware Zynga special gifts - Softpedia
Deactivated Facebook account scam - WebUser
Watch out for Daleks - PC Mag
Doctor Who games may carry malware - The Register
Recharge code scams Orkut users - Softpedia
Javascript copy / paste scam will spam - The Guardian
Facebook account hacker scam - Government Security

Youtube videos promote World Cup scam - Softpedia
Survey scammers offer fake Dr Who clips - The Register
4,500 logins posted to content site - SCMagazine
Dodgy facebook pages power spam scam - The Register

DIY Botnet kit for Twitter - BCS
Twitter controlled Botnet - SC Magazine

Controlling a Botnet via Twitter - eSecurity Planet
Twitter Botnet creation made simple - IT Pro
Twitter Botnet creator spotted - WebUser
Twitter Botnets come to unwashed masses - The Register
Phishing education test blocked for phishing - Slashdot
Scammers target students with fake loans - PC1 News
Telegraph defaced in Top gear Gypsy row - PC Pro
Romanians hack Telegraph after "Borat" jibe - Techworld

Angry Romanian hackers deface Telegraph - The Register
Daily Telegraph website hacked - The Guardian
Consoles at work threaten corporate security -
Matrix actor site stages defacement spat - the Register
Twitter spammers promise free iPads - ESecurity Planet
Dead Zango installers haunt - PC Mag
iPad, iPhone "prizes" as lures for Twitter users - Help Net Security
Twitter iPad Spam - SC Magazine
It's all just Malware now -
XBox, PS3 and the threat to workplace security - Computerworld UK
Big Issue site back online after attack -
Phishing toolbars steal Facebook credentials - ESecurity Planet

Password stealing toolbars busted - Blog
Fake toolbars will steal your password - AllFacebook
Rogue Toolbars phish for credentials - Help Net Security
Toolbar directs to Facebook Phishing page - SC Magazine
Virtualisation still open to attacks - BCS

Fake Playstation emulator drops Trojan - SpamFighter
Another day, another celebrity death - SC Magazine
Playstation Emulator installs Malware - Help Net Security

Bogus Playstation Emulators pack Trojan payload - The Register
Phony VirusTotal website pushing scareware - SpamFighter
XBox vulnerable to hacking attacks - SpamFighter
WoW authenticators bypassed by middlemen hackers - The Register
WoW Malware beats authenticator -
UK Conservative party websites defaced - Softpedia
Hackers go on Tory bothering spree - The Register
Conservative sites hacked and defaced - WebUser
Beware of fake FBI scanner - Help net Security
VirusTotal Brand Abused to Push Scareware - Softpedia
Hacking your XBox - ESecurity Planet

Everything you ever wanted to know about XBox Hacking - The Register
Scareware scam rides the back of killer whale tragedy - The Register website hit by hack
- WebUser


Hackers target xbox live players - BBC
Botnets beat Spartan lasers - Wired
Password stealers sit on popular download sites - PCWorld
EMail bomb program warning - Web User
Avoid Steam games scam sites - PCWorld
Megan Fox Sex tape warning - Web User
Facebook phishers cast multiple lines - The Register
Popular Children's Web Site Under Attack by Identity Thieves - FOX News
ContactPoint goes live despite security fears - The Register

Google Wave invite scam warning - Web User
Twilight New Moon scam - Web User
Gamerscore hacking and the underground economy - Slashdot
Hackers target XBox Live -
Hackers target XBox Live gamers - Yahoo! Games
New Facebook malware promises to reveal identities in a users 'Honesty Box' - SC Magazine
Beware image eating worm - Web User
One in 200 success rate keeps phishing economy ticking over - The Register
Company sued by Google had a profitable year - PC World
Facebook comes under heavy criticism for privacy controls - SC Magazine


Echo Boom Hackers - CNET
Fake Tom Myspace pages offer ringtone downloads - SCMagazine
Researcher warns of DIY phish program – TechTarget
More sneaky cybercrime - USAToday
Hacking, the new child's play - Dark Reading
Blue screen of death masks spyware invasion - Dark Reading
hidden network solutions page compromised - SC Magazine
hijacked accounts used to spread torture pictures - VNU Net
myspace hack reveals profile visitors - ABC News
Homer Simpson and the Kimya Botnet - USA Today Blog
Homer Simpson spreading malware - VNU Net
Myspace users struggle to overcome vandalism - PC World
Homer Simpson and the Kimya Botnet – Slashdot
Teenagers move into cyber crime - SC Magazine
Adware on pirate movie site -
Pirate movie downloads offered as Zango sweetener - The Register
Phish page logs you into real website - VNU Net
Fake Batman MMORPG leads to Adware Install - EWeek Security Watch
Beware fake Batman game – Newsarama
Zango's latest trick - pitching a fake MMORPG - Techdirt
A Batman MMORPG? Er, no actually – Kotaku
Imageshack flaw exposes IP address of uploaders – Softpedia
twitter profiles target Orkut users - The Register
Haul of 5000 stolen Ebay accounts found - ESecurity Planet
Alarm raised on teenage hackers - BBC
Child hackers, a Newsround investigation - Newsround (BBC)

Porn browser comes with rootkit - CNET News
The 59 top influencers in IT Security -
Skype worm jumps to icq, msn - PC World
Botnet Stalkers Share Tactics at RSA – Eweek
Behind the Alicia Keys Myspace Scam -
Myspace problems began days before Alicia Keys hack - Computerworld
Myspace still denies security holes - Top Tech News
Hacker traced back to base and chased offline – CNET
new type of 419 scam targeting property buyers -
compromised data leads to middle east hack tool - PC World

Botnet uses ustom built script to steal payment data - InformationWeek
Botnet Drama: Database Theft - ZDNet
Botnets on the run -
Web browser redirects users to potentially illegal pornography - PC Advisor
Return of Porn Fetching YapBrowser raised eyebrows - EWeek
Yahoo Messaging Worm Installs Bogus Browser - Network World
Instant Messaging worm installs its own web browser -
Google's Orkut hit by data stealing worm - Dark Reading
Yahoo Worm installs "Safety Browser" - Digital Lifestyles
The IM Worm and the Saftey Browser - The Register
Zango promote content on Myspace - Informationweek
180 Solutions use viral marketing on Myspace - ZDNet
Zango admits to placing Myspace profiles - Security Pro News
AIM Bot creates "fight combos" to spread - Security Focus
MSN Messenger virus targets bank data - IB Times
FaceTime reports new Messenger Threat - Instant Messaging Planet
Pipeline Worm". CNET News
IM infection enables click fraud - SecurityProNews
Orkut Worm discovered - USAToday

Top 10 tricks causing spyware epidemic - ZDNET
Fake Google Toolbar goes on phishing trip - Web Pro News
Alternative Browsers and Java Lead Spyware to IE
Spyware Floods In Through BitTorrent

AIM Rootkit Attack Traced to Middle East
AIM Worm has Middle East connection - Instant Messaging Planet
Rootkit Worm linked to hacker group - CNET
Botnet Uses BitTorrent to Push Movie Files

Bofra tied to massive botnet - The Register